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 BOSS Audio AR1500MContestant number one is the BOSS Audio AR1500M.

 BOSS Audio R1004Now we will have look at an alternative, the BOSS Audio R1004.


BOSS Audio AR1500M

BOSS Audio R1004


+ Bass EQ.
+ Affordable option.
+ Switchable bass boost.
+ High output (1500 watts).
+ Intelligent protection.

+ 2/4 channel option
+ 400 watts max output.
+ Short protection.
+ Very low priced.


It is a solid choice for a mono amplifier, it provides meaty low ends and means business.

It is incredibly priced for a 4 channel option, it competes with some amplifiers 3 or 4 times its price, but the lack of a low pass filter control could be a deal-breaker for some of you, regardless it makes our list as a top option.

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