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Bookshelf Speakers Under 500 - Comparison Test 1

Battle Royale: Comparing the Edifier R2000DB to the Mackie CR3 CR Series

Music Critic review products for professionals and enthusiasts, and are designed to help making a choice easier. Our tests and reviews can help point you towards models and brands that suit your needs. This product comparison article is just one in a series titled Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $500

The first product we will be looking at is the Edifier R2000DB.

The second product we are looking at in this head-to-head review is the Mackie CR3 CR Series. Another striking studio monitor style pair from Mackies CR series with their eye-catching colored trims. They too are low price coming in well below one hundred bucks. They are built using high-performance components for lush sound with rich depth, suited to all multimedia uses.

Examining the Mackie CR3 CR Series

The designers have been meticulous with its manufacturing. The drivers are high output and handle effortlessly. It is a 2-way classified set featuring a 3-inch woofer and dedicated tweeter which are housed in an all-wood cabinet.

Edifier R2000DB Mackie CR3 CR Series
+ Dual connections.
+ Eagle Eye tweeters.
+ High quality.

+ Low watt.
+ High performance drivers.
+ All wood enclosure.

They have a superb build quality great frequency response for a 2-way class pair, the audio is beautifully balanced with natural highs and rich clear mids. It is another low priced option, ideal for those with a restricted budget.

The Bottom Line

Check out our article Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $500 for more info.

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