Side-by-side comparison of the Vidonn Bone Conduction Headphones and the Monodeal Open Ear

See how the Vidonn Bone Conduction Headphones stacks up against the Monodeal Open Ear in today's product comparison. The Music Critic reviews can help point you towards models and brands that suit your needs. Click here if you would like to see more product reviews in the same category.

 Vidonn Bone Conduction HeadphonesContestant number one is the Vidonn Bone Conduction Headphones.

 Monodeal Open EarAnd now we will have a look at our second product, the Monodeal Open Ear.


Vidonn Bone Conduction Headphones

Monodeal Open Ear


+ Incudes a microphone
+ 6 hours of battery life
+ A sweatproof rating of IP55
+ Great bone conduction sound quality

+ Easy to use
+ 6 Hour battery life
+ A lifetime warranty!


There’s a lot to love about these bone conduction headphones, from the included microphone, to the sweatproof rating. They’re great if you just need an alternative to sports headphones!

We love how secure these bone conduction headphones feel, which makes them one of the best headphones on this list. The price isn’t too high, but if you’re concerned, Monodeal also offers a lifetime warranty, so you can buy your bone conduction headphones safe in the knowledge that you have nothing to lose.

The Bottom Line

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