1 vs 1 Comparison

In this comparison we put the 1. Aftershoks AS650SG-BR and VJJB Headphones head to head in a battle to find out which wins the specifications war. There is a lot more to this sort of decision than price, so we see if we can help you decide which is best for your needs. Click here if you would like to see more product reviews in the same category.

 1. Aftershoks AS650SG-BRFirst, let's have a look at the 1. Aftershoks AS650SG-BR.

 VJJB HeadphonesAnd now we will have a look at our second product, the VJJB Headphones.


1. Aftershoks AS650SG-BR

VJJB Headphones


+ Comfortable
+ Reflective band
+ 6 hour battery life
+ 20% lighter

+ Sweatproof and secure
+ Six hours of battery life!
+ Includes a multi-function button
+ Connects to a wide range of devices


Aftershokz Air offers exceptional comfort and peace of mind while you’re running. The inconvenience of having headphones fall out or disturb the ear canal are eliminated. You know people behind you are alerted to your presence if running at night. They're great for safety and hearing loss. You can keep them on all day and not feel like you need to take a break. That's why when it comes to the best bone conduction headphones, Aftershokz doesn't disappoint.

We love that multi-function button in particular. Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, you can switch between calls and music without disrupting your day. Even if you don't suffer from hearing loss, have hearing aids, or exercise, get this pair of bone conduction headphones just for the convenience.

The Bottom Line

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