Battle Royale: Comparing the Yamaha YPG-235 to the Casio Inc. CTK4400

We will be looking at two popular products, the Yamaha YPG-235 and the Casio Inc. CTK4400. Not sure which is right for you? With so many great options on the market that's hardly surprising, so read on and see if we can help you reach a decision. Click here if you would like to see more product reviews in the same category.

 Yamaha YPG-235Everyone has different preferences, and we hope our frank reviews will make your decision easier. First, we will take a look at the Yamaha YPG-235. What if you’re a professional or an intermediate player that wants a keyboard that is as versatile as possible? You guessed it, the Yamaha YPG-235 is the keyboard for you! Is it a keyboard or is it a Yamaha digital piano, though? What is the difference between the two anyway?

 Casio Inc. CTK4400Next let's have a look at the Casio Inc. CTK4400. We think it’s about time we have a look at a keyboard that feels a little bit modern and contributes with something slightly more unique to our list. The Casio CTK440 fits right in, it has 600 (!) sounds and 180 rhythms and 152 songs, and already we start to notice that it’s not just like any other keyboard.

A good look at the Yamaha YPG-235

The difference between a keyboard and a digital piano can be hard to tell, but it mostly has to do with the purpose and the style of music it’s designed for. If you’re going to play pop music at a concert with cool sounds, a keyboard is what you need. If you want to have a piano that is portable and doesn’t annoy your neighbors or needs tuning, a good value digital piano is the way to go.

Reasons to buy the Casio Inc. CTK4400

One really cool thing about this keyboard is that you can sample a sound from your phone, for example. Quite a few of the other keyboards do have a sampling feature that allows you to record your voice (or another sound for that matter) via a built-in microphone, but it’s also really good to be able to connect your phone if you for example like a sound in a certain song or video.


Yamaha YPG-235

Casio Inc. CTK4400


+ 76 keys
+ 500 sounds
+ Lots of stuff included
+ High-quality

• Sustain pedal not included

+ 61 keys
+ 600 sounds
+ 180 rhythms
+ 152 songs
+ 48-note polyphony
+ Step-up learning system

• No sustain pedal included


We really like this keyboard and we think you will do too! It has an almost infinite variety of options, anything you want your keyboard to be able to do, it most likely does! It’s nice to get so many things included, for example a stand and a bench, however we would wish that a pedal was included too, because you will need one if you are going to play anything harder than beginners’ songs. However, pedals aren’t super expensive so it’s not a big deal. If you’ve felt hesitant whether to get a keyboard or a digital piano, we’ve made things easier for you, this is one of the best options out there! With 500 different voices you will never grow tired of this instrument, it’s as versatile as can be. It’s also great to get a 2-year warranty, in case anything should be wrong with it. But the warranty also means that the manufacturer is confident that the product is so good that it won’t be necessary for them to replace it.

This is a really cool keyboard that has more voices than you can ever use. The possibilities that come with it are endless and it’s a really good product. The only possible downside to it is that is only has 61 keys, but if you don’t want more than that it’s absolutely perfect! It comes with 600 different voices, 180 rhythms and 152 songs, so it can really boost both your skills and your creativity. If you are looking for a keyboard to use for your home studio to produce music, this is definitely a keyboard worth looking into! It’s so much more than just a beginner keyboard! A stand is included, which is great, as well as headphones. It might be good to know that the headphones are probably best just to use for the times you want to be able to play silently, for example when you don’t want to disturb others. If you are producing and mixing music you will need better headphones designed for that purpose.

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