Select and Compare: RESON8 Acoustic Sound Foam Panels to the NOBLEPRODUCTLINE Acoustic Foam Bass Traps

See how the RESON8 Acoustic Sound Foam Panels stacks up against the NOBLEPRODUCTLINE Acoustic Foam Bass Traps in today's product comparison. Find out what separates these two items with the full comparison review below. If you enjoy this article, you can also check out the full version here.

 RESON8 Acoustic Sound Foam PanelsFirst, let's have a look at the RESON8 Acoustic Sound Foam Panels.

 NOBLEPRODUCTLINE Acoustic Foam Bass TrapsThe challenger is the NOBLEPRODUCTLINE Acoustic Foam Bass Traps. Coming in a bundle of 4, these bass absorbers are fantastic for any sized room. They perform at their best when they are used as bass traps and for low-end node reduction. They are made from good quality foam and will make sure to put any kinds of echoes or reverbs to rest, which in turn will allow for a great and engaging work environment.

Examining the NOBLEPRODUCTLINE Acoustic Foam Bass Traps

Predominantly available in different shades of charcoal, you will have to make sure that their apparel suits you and your studio (click here for the right furniture). Each of the bass traps measure around 12" x 12" x 24" and do their job well, whether it’s in a home studio or room for recording new tracks, this product will do what it’s advertised to do.


RESON8 Acoustic Sound Foam Panels

NOBLEPRODUCTLINE Acoustic Foam Bass Traps


+ 2” thick, vast difference and improvement from the 1” industry standard
+ Stick and peel application
+ Unique design for enhanced functioning

+ Good quality foam
+ Great for a room of any size
+ Puts echoes to rest


Not only is the price fantastic, but everything that the product has to offer should convince anyone looking for new bass traps to invest.The unique and specific design, the stick and peel feature that is invaluable and the overall quality of the product should compel you to buy RESON8's sound foam panels for your studio!

These acoustic bass traps will offer you hours of enjoyment as soon as you install them and will allow you to enjoy your music jamming, track recording or song writing at their best potential. Priced at just above 50$ it’s a great offer for a long-lasting and long-term investment in a quality product!

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