Battle Royale: Comparing the Polk Audio PSW10 to the Eminence Legend BP102

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 Polk Audio PSW10Contestant number one is the Polk Audio PSW10.

 Eminence Legend BP102And now we will have a look at our second product, the Eminence Legend BP102.


Polk Audio PSW10

Eminence Legend BP102


+ 10” subwoofer
+ Easy to connect, spring-loaded terminals
+ 50w power output with an in-built amplifier

+ Perfect replacement component or DIY bass speaker
+ Ideal for 3x/4x/8x 10 cabinets
+ High performance
+ Punchy bass response


Polk is a leader when it comes to audio equipment, and this product is proof of why the company has such a good reputation with audiophiles. Above all else, it is the distortion-free, consistent performance that makes this one of the best subs around.

Eminence has more than five decades of experience with producing some of the finest loudspeakers on the market, which is why this is such a reliable choice as an upgrade or replacement component. We love how punchy the bass response is too.

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