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Side-by-side comparison - Comparison Test 2

Side-by-side comparison

We take a look at two popular items, the  Focal Utopia Reference High-Fidelity Circumaural Headphones and the  Sennheiser HD 800 S Reference Headphone System. Find out what separates these two items with the full comparison review below. This product comparison article is just one in a series titled 10 Best Audiophile Headphones of 2019

First, let's have a look at the  Focal Utopia Reference High-Fidelity Circumaural Headphones. The Utopia from Focal are designed for smooth and luxury audio experience that is unparalleled. This product give you a whopping frequency response of 5Hz to 40 KHz. The pure Beryllium M shaped dome loudspeaker produces high-fidelity audio that anyone with the passion of music would love instantly.

Next up is the  Sennheiser HD 800 S Reference Headphone System. The Sennheiser HD 800 S Reference is the ultimate powerhouse of a headphone that delivers best quality audio engineered with cutting edge technology. These headphones are used and lauded by professionals in studios. On most audiophile headphones, you will find a 50 mm driver but on the HD 800 S the driver is 56 mm. These are the largest drivers to be used. HD 800 S is not wireless.

Reasons to buy the  Focal Utopia Reference High-Fidelity Circumaural Headphones

These are suited for low noise environments only like your DJ booth, home, office or studio. These are not designed as portable headphones to be used with phones which makes sense because they are premium quality and thus very expensive. Nonetheless, if you must use it with your smartphone you will need to use a DAC and a headphone amplifier.

A closer look at the  Sennheiser HD 800 S Reference Headphone System

As we said, it is jam packed with the latest technology such as the innovative absorber technology which reduces unwanted peak frequencies. They create a spatial and distinct audio experience by directing the waves to a slight angle.

 Focal Utopia Reference High-Fidelity Circumaural Headphones  Sennheiser HD 800 S Reference Headphone System
+ Great sound experience for low noise / perfect for home use.
+ High frequency response with advanced earbuds
+ Accessories included

+ 56 mm driver earbuds
+ Consistent sound
+ Highly comfortable ergonomic design

 Summing up the review, these stellar headphones from Focal are every bit high-quality and designed for such individuals who take their music very seriously and are willing to spend significantly to get the best experience. It is a combination of advanced technology and unique design. Utopia reference is not available in a wireless edition yet. If you want to buy a product capable of quenching your music thirst, then these are a must buy for 2019 .  This German made headphone set is one of the most popular headphones from Sennheiser. The name speaks for itself as it has been providing quality to consumers for a long time. What is not to like in a quality pair of headphones with luxury comfort?

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