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Let's get started by taking a close look at the  Ultrasone Tribute 7 Audiophile Headphone with Wooden Box. The Tribute 7 from Ultrasone is the pinnacle of high fidelity and has been a symbolic pair of earphones similar to the famous Edition 7. This product is one of a kind earphone set which is a blend of cutting edge technology, luxury, and craftsmanship. The aluminum ear cups are made from aircraft grade aluminum and adorned with a metal coated and polished brass logo of Ultrasone. The ear cups on these looks amazing. If you are looking to impress your friends this year, then this one from Ultrasone should be a must buy in 2021.

The challenger is the Grado PS1000e Professional Series Dynamic Open Air Stereo Headphone. Make your mark on everyone in 2021 with Grado PS1000e. The Grado PS1000e Professional have managed to eliminate two headphone problems often faced by music enthusiasts: transient distortion and ringing chamber. They did so use tone-wood covered with metal. You get a consistent response over all frequencies in the range of this headphone. The UHPLC (Ultra-High Purity, Long Crystal) copper in the 12 conductor wire further improves the stability of the frequency.

A good look at the  Ultrasone Tribute 7 Audiophile Headphone with Wooden Box

This product is perhaps the most comfortable you will put on your head as the head pad has the finest quality anthracite-colored Alcantara. Physical features apart, the sound quality is truly phenomenal. The S-Logic Plus technology of Ultrasone gives a unique spatial sound. This basically ensures that the spatial impression of sounds and vocals is detailed.

Examining the Grado PS1000e Professional Series Dynamic Open Air Stereo Headphone

The diaphragm, the voice coil, and the driver all have been improved in these earphones. The driver is 50 mm and is great for low and high frequencies. Grado PS1000e is also one of the most comfortable headphones in the market. Probably the only downside to these headphones is that they are not wireless but having said that, the wires are smooth and tangle free.


 Ultrasone Tribute 7 Audiophile Headphone with Wooden Box

Grado PS1000e Professional Series Dynamic Open Air Stereo Headphone


+ Beautiful design earphones
+ Perfect for home use
+ Highly comfortable ear cups


+ Hand crafted mahogany sleeve
+ Well balanced sound/earbuds
+ Highly comfortable


 The mystic blue color on the ear cups looks quite amazing. The high grade aluminum is anodized in mystic blue to give it an edge over other products in terms of designs. Ultrasone has made sure that the headphones look the part too.

 Even the smallest components can play a major role especially if they are high quality. Grado ensured that the PS1000e has only those components that are premium quality. Hence, they are a paragon of audiophile headphones if you will.

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