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Side-by-side comparison - Comparison Test 4

Side-by-side comparison

In this brief comparison, we are going to be putting two products head to head. Find out what separates these two items with the full comparison review below. For more information and product comparisons, check out our longer article here.

Everyone has different preferences, and we hope our frank reviews will make your decision easier. First, we will take a look at the 38" Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package. This is one of the best budget acoustic guitars around. It's ideal for beginner guitarists. This guitar starter kit contains a guitar pick, pitch pipe, a shoulder strap, and an extra set of strings. This is a right-handed guitar furnished with a smooth, black finish that adds to its beauty. This acoustic-electric guitar also comes with a nylon carrying case that is perfect for storage and portability. The nylon case keeps the guitar safe and sound while also making it easier to take it on the go.

The challenger is the Taylor 224ce Deluxe Koa Grand Auditorium. The Taylor 224ce Deluxe Koa Grand Auditorium is an amazing deal if you are looking for an affordable acoustic-electric guitar. The game changer for this product is its beautiful structure and the sound of the koa body. It is a high-quality, premium product. The guitar's back and side are made of laminated rosewood.

A deeper look at the features of the 38" Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

The guitar dimensions are 38"(L) x 14"(W) x 3.25"(H) and are ideal for any beginner guitarist. This is also one of the cheaper acoustic guitars available on the market. It features a comfortable and conveni

But what about the Taylor 224ce Deluxe Koa Grand Auditorium

Its top is of Sitka spruce. Its mahogany top is not too dark which gives it an attractive look. If you compare it with other Taylor models, it has all the major characteristics - amazing and refined sound, gorgeous looks and yet the price for this guitar is half of what the other models cost.

38" Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package Taylor 224ce Deluxe Koa Grand Auditorium

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