1-v-1 Product Comparison - the JBL GTO629 vs the Kenwood KFC-1695PS

We will be looking at two popular products, the JBL GTO629 and the Kenwood KFC-1695PS. Our tests and reviews can help point you towards models and brands that suit your needs. You might also be interested in our article 10 Best 6.5 Speakers in 2023

 JBL GTO629Let's get started by taking a close look at the JBL GTO629. Here we have a premium pair from JBLs fantastic high-fidelity GTO series, a perfect audio upgrade for your automobile. Their large carbon-injected cones displace much more air than other 6.5-inch speakers in their class, essentially producing more bass.

 Kenwood KFC-1695PSThe second product we are looking at in this head-to-head review is the Kenwood KFC-1695PS. Of course, we couldn't sift through the best 6.5 car speakers without coming across an offering from Kenwood.

A closer look at the JBL GTO629

They feature patented UniPivot tweeters, so you can direct the sound to where you want it. They share dual-level volume adjustment, which helps to compensate for less than idyllic placement.

Taking a look at the features of the Kenwood KFC-1695PS

This set of two 3-way class coaxial speakers will make for an excellent listening experience. They effectively cope with 150 watts with a peak power rating of 320. They feature Kenwood's flush mount design and are extremely well crafted with durable materials.



Kenwood KFC-1695PS


+ 60 RMS
+ Dedicated tweeters
+ Premium parts
+ Value for money

 + Respected brand
+ High power
+ Crystal sound (super tweeter)
+ 3-way classified
+ Low price tag


The JBL GTO series is one of their most innovative lines. They produce pristine high-fidelity sound available in common factory sizes, making them the perfect choice for replacing your factory car speakers. This pair is robust, satisfying auto and audio enthusiasts alike.

This high-quality speaker system is affordably priced, making it perfect for those who want the best sound quality on a budget. It covers a good range, the bass does not offer too much power, and each speaker is easy to install.

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