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Fucked Up Friends by Tobacco


Fucked Up Friends

Release Date: Oct 14, 2008

Genre(s): Electronic

Record label: Anticon


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Album Review: Fucked Up Friends by Tobacco

Great, Based on 3 Critics

Drowned In Sound - 90
Based on rating 9/10

As a reviewer, it’s generally a bad idea to lay all your cards on the table during your first paragraph, as without a few aces up your rolled up sleeves, your audience tends to lose interest somewhat. And I can bet that even as I sweat out a few lines to tell you that I think this album might finally explain what anticon as a label has been striving to achieve for all these years, some of you are scrolling straight to the bottom to see what I’ve scored this. (Sorry, it’s not a perfect 10).

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AllMusic - 70
Based on rating 7/10

Tobacco is the name of one of the driving forces behind Black Moth Super Rainbow and his first solo album. Fucked Up Friends is an almost exact replica of the now trademarked BMSR sound. All the hallmarks are there; the walls of squelchy synths, the oscillating melodies, the vocoder-ed vocals and the overall woozy and intoxicating bear hug of sound that envelops you from the start.

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PopMatters - 70
Based on rating 7/10

Safariing through the psychedelic wilderness while wearing Black Moth Super Rainbow’s hazy Technicolor goggles is a bit like drinking strawberry wine (a la My Bloody Valentine) with bubblegum (a la pop radio). They’re two sugary flavors that don’t seem to match but have an oddly synergistic and synesthetic reaction when combined. In their world, Boards of Canda is a party band and the mass-marketed non-professional Casiotone is an electric guitar.

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