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The Crystal Method

Tweekend by The Crystal Method

Release Date: Jul 31, 2001
Record label: Interscope
Genre(s): Dance, Electronic, Alternative

65 Music Critic Score
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Tweekend - Fairly Good, Based on 1 Critics

Entertainment Weekly - 65
Based on rating B-

On 1997’s ”Vegas,” the Crystal Method’s whirring, soul flecked big beat was such a kick even the Gap employed one of its cuts in an ad. Their overdue second album, Tweekend, offers more of the same — nice if one wants to hear gummier variations on the first disc’s ”Busy Child,” but not so interesting if one expected something fresh after such a long time. The slinky vocoder raveup of ”Over the Line” breaks the monotony, but charmless, clubfooted collaborations with ex Rage guitarist Tom Morello and Scott Weiland make this a semilost ”Tweekend.” .

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