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Album Review of Meow the Jewels by Run the Jewels.

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Meow the Jewels

Run the Jewels

Meow the Jewels by Run the Jewels

Release Date: Sep 25, 2015
Record label: Mass Appeal
Genre(s): Rap

69 Music Critic Score
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Meow the Jewels - Fairly Good, Based on 5 Critics

The 405 - 75
Based on rating 7.5/10

Head here to submit your own review of this album. Run The Jewels are the audacious and uncompromising rap duo who've always maintained the perfect balance of frivolousness and severity. It's their yin and yang personalities, appearances and backgrounds that are a large measure of their genius and it's why their loyal fan-base is so pervasive. When the pair are not touring relentlessly, both Killer Mike and El-P are usually spotted online, sparking playful social media debates on spirited topics like classic '90s cartoons and 4:20, while simultaneously earning their place as one of the most politically engaged rap groups making music today, with their conscious lyrics and vital social commentary.

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PopMatters - 70
Based on rating 7/10

The internet is spaghetti. That is, it’s the physical manifestation of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. It’s a breeding ground for weirdness because of its ability to magnify jokes, to take one crazy idea and multiply it exponentially, and bring together a large enough group of humans to sustain unassailably weird projects. Just think of the bounty we’ve collectively reaped: hungover owls, Salad Fingers, Disney princesses with Steve Buscemi eyes, and thousands more—an infinity of absurd ideas.

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Pitchfork - 70
Based on rating 7.0/10

Cats are the Internet's favorite pets for many reasons, not least of which is their endless mystery. By some estimates, felines were first domesticated around 12,000 years ago—and yet, even now, we humans don't fully understand something as simple as their purr. There are theories. A purr can translate to contentment, sure, but it could also indicate hunger, or fright.

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AllMusic - 60
Based on rating 6/10

It started as a Kickstarter joke, but there now exists in this world a remix album cobbled together with adorable cat sounds. Run the Jewels' 2014 critically acclaimed sequel to their debut is not completely cat-ified here (as some fans hoped/expected), but there are enough feline samples (and playful kitty lyrics) to sate fans with a sense of humor. Meow the Jewels is a fuzzed-out, madcap, woozy reimagination of an otherwise thrilling banger of an album.

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Los Angeles Times
Their review was positive

Run The Jewels, a hip-hop duo of El-P, left, and Killer Mike, perform on Day 2 of Coachella 2015. Run The Jewels, a hip-hop duo of El-P, left, and Killer Mike, perform on Day 2 of Coachella 2015. In a world overwhelmed by one-trick feline Instagram sensations like Snoopy Cat and kitties that earned fame by the oddball luck of nature like Grumpy Cat or trend-chasing (Hamilton the Hipster Cat), the expert furries that purr and paw their way through Run the Jewels’ new all-cat remix album “Meow the Jewels” deliver emotional depth befitting nature’s most psychologically elusive creature.

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