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Old 97's

Alive And Wired

Release Date: Sep 20, 2005

Genre(s): Live, Alt-Country

Record label: New West


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Album Review: Alive And Wired by Old 97's

Excellent, Based on 1 Critic

AllMusic - 80
Based on rating 8/10

In his liner notes to this album, Old 97's guitarist Ken Bethea writes, "When I think of the Old 97's, the thing that makes me the most proud is that we've always been a smoking live band. " Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing the Old 97's on-stage knows that Bethea isn't just blowing his own horn when he says that, and this double-disc set offers the hard evidence to back him up. Recorded during a pair of hot and sweaty 2005 shows in the band's home state of Texas, Alive & Wired captures the raw and nervy intensity and the passionate fusion of Friday Night joy and heartbroken regret that have always marked the band's best work, and features 30 of the band's best tunes over the course of 112 rollicking minutes.

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