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Everybody by Logic



Release Date: May 5, 2017

Genre(s): Rap, Pop-Rap, Contemporary Rap

Record label: Def Jam


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Album Review: Everybody by Logic

Fairly Good, Based on 5 Critics

AllMusic - 80
Based on rating 8/10

There's a lot happening on Logic's third proper Def Jam album. Central is an adaptation of Andy Weir's The Egg, a short story in which a didactic God (portrayed here by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson) and a stupefied man (played by DJ Big Von) discuss, after the latter's tragic death, reincarnation and the meaning of life. The dialogue begins at the end of the opener, continues as the entirety of the five-minute ninth track, and concludes in the message-filled finale.

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HipHopDX - 72
Based on rating 3.6/5

Over the years, Maryland's very own lyrical wonder Logic has balanced three personas: The fun-loving, lighthearted party rapper who features Gumby in his music videos, an uplifting positive artist full of encouragement and wisdom and an MC whose love Golden Age Hip Hop and lightening quick raps defines his sound. Slowly the first began to fade, leaving the remaining two in stark juxtaposition. Five years, two albums and three mixtapes into his career, Logic's supposed penultimate studio project has arrived, giving fans a clear picture of his creative vision.

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Pitchfork - 52
Based on rating 5.2/10

The Martian author Andy Weir's 2009 short story The Egg , originally published online, is a sci-fi tale about rebirth, reciprocity, and evolution. When a man is killed in a car accident, he meets a god-like figure in limbo who tells him of his fate and that he is to be reincarnated. The man subsequently learns that not only is time an illusion, but he is the entire universe, and a continuous sequence of deaths and rebirths is all part of a maturation process: The whole universe is an egg, and when it's fully grown it'll ascend to the next level of consciousness.

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The 405 - 35
Based on rating 3.5/10

Logic sure is good at absorbing the ideas of others. Well, at least he'd like to be. To be fair, the young rapper isn't without presence, he simply seems completely unsure of what do with it. Unless, of course he's, perhaps subconsciously, leeching away. When Freddie Gibbs leveled accusations at ….

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Opinion: Excellent

In certain instances, objects can actually be closer than they appear in your eyesight, which is a concept that can also be applicable in life, where few things are ever what they seem to be. Perception can inform one’s reality, but it certainly doesn’t mirror it, which history has shown us time and time again, whether it be an unforeseeable victory or a new breakthrough in science. Impossible can be perceived as unattainable, until it’s in your reach, which rapper Logic has learned over these past few years as he’s grown to be one of the more unlikely heavyweights in rap, with a track record that trumps many with more name recognition.

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