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Playing With Fire by Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline

Playing With Fire

Release Date: Oct 31, 2006

Genre(s): Rap

Record label: Reincarnate


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Album Review: Playing With Fire by Kevin Federline

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AllMusic - 20
Based on rating 2/10

It's also a bore because he's a boor, writing endlessly about the same three topics: his alleged superstardom, his hatred of the media, his love of parties and dope. While the old rule that writers should write what they know may hold true, the unspoken part of that maxim is that the writing should either be interesting or done well, two goals that are well beyond Federline's reach. Never mind writing well: competence is barely within his grasp, as it often sounds like he can't quite understand the meaning of what he's saying, whether he's casually blaspheming ("Like Jesus in every way/I'm crucified every day"), suggesting that he loves dope as much as he loves his wife ("fell in love with the herbs just like my wife," which could indeed mean that Britney also loves ganja; either is possible, and it doesn't really matter which is true), serves up his career plans ("got tired of the drugs so I switched to rap"), and offers up a self-description so pungent and succinct it could stand as his epitaph: "This marijuana has got me heavily sedated/I'm Kevin Federline, America's Most Hated.

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