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Mono No Aware by Johnny Foreigner

Johnny Foreigner

Mono No Aware

Release Date: Jul 8, 2016


Record label: Alcopop!


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Album Review: Mono No Aware by Johnny Foreigner

Excellent, Based on 4 Critics

Drowned In Sound - 90
Based on rating 9/10

From: Johnny Foreigner master@johnnyforeigner. comSent: 03 July 2016 10:58To: Johnny Foreigner FanclubSubject: Re: Fw: Dear President of the Johnny Foreigner Fanclub into the sea with the rest of em From: Johnny Foreigner Fanclub admin@jfoghosts. comSent: 03 July 2016 08:11To: Johnny ForeignerSubject: Fw: Dear President of the Johnny Foreigner Fanclub Another one – what do you wanna do with him? From: Darren Loucaides d.

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DIY Magazine - 80
Based on rating 4/5

Listening to Johnny Foreigner’s ‘Mono No Aware’ is an experience similar to seeing the world through brand new eyes. A patchwork woven from a very real backdrop, distorted in its own imagination, the record sees familiar sensations and settings take on a life of their own. Just take a look at the artwork: each song is accompanied by its own visual piece, showing distinctive landmarks replaced in a foreign and somewhat haunting space age.

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Pitchfork - 79
Based on rating 7.9/10

The anime series FLCL, like a lot of anime before it, depicts a young boy fighting robots. What distinguishes the series is that the robots emanate from an abyss in the boy’s brain. When they emerge, they resemble cubist knots of trash, mechanical blocks congealed into a kind of sinister animated matter. When I listen to the music of British punk band Johnny Foreigner, I’m reminded of those robots, in both design and velocity.

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The Line of Best Fit
Opinion: Very Good

Looking back now, the mid Noughties seems like a barren time for good music. In a period where what was to become terme landfill indie was riding high in the charts and regularly graced the covers of music magazines, what Johnny Foreigner offered with their angsty and punk spirited guitar pop was some respite from turgid indie rock made by men with little imagination. Yet ten years on from their debut, their fifth album Mono No Aware shows no signs of a band wanting to move on.

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