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Gucci Mane

BAYTL by Gucci Mane

Release Date: Dec 13, 2011
Record label: Warner Bros.
Genre(s): Rap, Hardcore Rap, Party Rap

35 Music Critic Score
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BAYTL - Poor, Based on 5 Critics

AllMusic - 50
Based on rating 5/10

Partying all over rap like Nas never happened, the mush-mouth favorite Gucci Mane and the appropriately titled V-Nasty combine forces on this odd collabo called Baytl, which is as ridiculous, messy, and crass as fans want it to be. Even tasteful outsiders must admit that the “drugs go in, party anthem comes out” formula is still working here for the hedonist messiah they call Gucci, with “It’s Gucci Nickelodeon, you just a custodian/I never say never, so I might be cookin’ dope again” being a good example of his nutball brilliance. Another example, “I took the bitch out for breakfast/But I gave her dick for lunch,” along with all the purple syrup talk should let parents know he’s a poor guidance counselor.

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Pitchfork - 49
Based on rating 4.9/10

It's hard to determine what the biggest surprise is regarding BAYTL: that it wasn't a joke, or that it isn't a joke. As far as the former goes: Yes, this thing exists. Gucci Mane, once one of the most prolific and popular rappers in the South, has done a full album with V-Nasty, the Kreayshawn sidekick who's famous only for being a white person that has vigorously defended her usage of, and her further right to use, the n-word.

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Prefix Magazine - 30
Based on rating 3.0/10

Firstly: no, BAYTL is not a joke. Gucci Mane has released an album--not a mixtape, but an album, as in something that people are supposed to pay for-- with V-Nasty, comment-thread lightning rod and associate of Oakland-based viral sensation Kreayshawn. The out-of-nowhere pairing was announced last month by a new venture between Vice and Warner Bros, and here it is.

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Consequence of Sound - 9
Based on rating F

The n-word loving Kreayshawn sidekick and White Girl Mob member V-Nasty teams up with ice cream-loving Gucci Mane to make a collaboration that no one asked for. Although the pairing comes as a surprise, the mixtape boasts unimaginative lines that fall flat. In fact, BAYTL can only be appreciated if looked at for its sheer novelty appeal, thanks to V-Nasty’s laughable attempts at rapping.

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Their review was highly critical

Merging Gucci Mane’s Atlanta-grown, Southern twang with V-Nasty’s hyphy sound of the Bay Area, two seemingly unlikely forces come together for the collaborative album, Baytl. While the beats don’t stray far from the rowdy synth, drum and keyboard sound that usually compliment Guch, the lyrical collaboration with V-Nasty is a below par, even for the ATL trap star. As the MCs produce a collective work joining two styles and sides of the country, the end result is often cringe-worthy.

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