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Album Review of American Capitalist by Five Finger Death Punch.

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American Capitalist

Five Finger Death Punch

American Capitalist by Five Finger Death Punch

Release Date: Oct 11, 2011
Record label: Prospect Park
Genre(s): Pop/Rock, Heavy Metal, Nü Metal

67 Music Critic Score
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American Capitalist - Fairly Good, Based on 3 Critics

Rock Sound - 80
Based on rating 8/10

Pedal-to-the-floor hard rock you say? It can only be FFDP... If you’re not a fan of lowest common denominator, pedal-to-the-floor hard rock that suits pumping iron and entering WWE rings, look away now. If Disturbed and Stone Sour are your thing however, you really can’t go wrong here. It’s more of the same in terms of the FFDP sound, but with Draiman’s platinum warriors out of the way now, ‘American Capitalist’ announces them as the world champions at post-Black album piledriving riffs and soaring, US radio-friendly melodies.

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AllMusic - 70
Based on rating 7/10

For their third album, Five Finger Death Punch deliver another dose of crunchy, hard-hitting jams ready-made for the mosh pit. With its relentless heaviness and chugging riffs, American Capitalist captures the raw aggression of the era of post-Pantera groove metal, occasionally tempering the fire with some cleaner, more soaring passages that give listeners a brief respite before throwing them straight back into the action with a sonic barrage. While songs like the searing title track and “Menace” are punishing exercises in aggression, what’s most impressive are the (relatively) gentle songs like “Coming Down” and “Remember Everything,” where the bandmembers show that they can even make their ballads heavy.

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PopMatters - 50
Based on rating 5/10

There is a very important reason why Five Finger Death Punch has essentially become the face of metal in America. In many ways, their outward appearance personifies every stereotype that pop culture makes about the modern-day metal listener, just as much as their music matches the preconceptions made about metal by most non-metal listeners. The group’s first two albums, The Way of the Fist and War Is the Answer, were chock-full of meaty riffs, wild guitar solos, guttural screaming vocals, and emotionally-charged lyrics about individualism, rage and darkness.

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