How do they stack up? The Furman PST-8D SMP EVS LiFT vs the Accell D080B-008K

Today Music Critic will be comparing the Furman PST-8D SMP EVS LiFT to the Accell D080B-008K. Not sure which is right for you? Read on and find the perfect item for your needs. This article is part of a series called Best Power Conditioner to Safeguard Your Equipment in 2023

 Furman PST-8D SMP EVS LiFTLet's get started by taking a close look at the Furman PST-8D SMP EVS LiFT.

 Accell D080B-008KNow we will have look at an alternative, the Accell D080B-008K. The Accell D080B-008K, also known as the Accell D080B-008K Surge Protector, is the best compact power conditioner you'll come across. If you only want surge protection, this is the best available option.

Taking a closer look at the features of the Accell D080B-008K

Most people out there think that conventional power strips are a thing of the past. Considering their large size and design, we can see why folks might think that. If space is a concern, the Accell D080B-008K is ideal for you.



Accell D080B-008K


+ Improved audio and video clarity thanks to the advanced linear filtering.
+ Equipped with automatic extreme-voltage shutdown to keep your equipment safe from faulty wires.
+ No ground contamination because of its specially designed circuit.

+ Comes equipped with surge protection up to 1080 joules.
+ This power conditioner is also equipped with noise reduction for clarity.
+ 5 adapter-friendly outlets so you can plug in and protect up to five of your electronic devices at the same time with a single power conditioner.


The Furman PST-8D SMP EVS LiFT has absolutely no flaws, making it a great addition to your setup.

Everything is becoming compact and rightfully so because of the lack of space. A compact device like the Accell D080B-008K is the right answer for the modern age.

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