1-v-1 Product Comparison - the Bach Mega Tone vs the Whitelotous Gold Plated Meg 3C

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 Bach Mega ToneFirst, let's have a look at the Bach Mega Tone.

 Whitelotous Gold Plated Meg 3CNext up is the Whitelotous Gold Plated Meg 3C.


Bach Mega Tone

Whitelotous Gold Plated Meg 3C


+ Premium symphonic mouthpiece.
+ Great warmth and presence.
+ Large cup.

+ Deep cup.
+ Extended range.
+ Cheaper solution.


It is a professional level mouthpiece with a beautiful, regal-sounding timbre. It can compete at orchestra levels without getting lost in the mix.

The quality of the materials is lower, as this one has less weight. It will dent if you drop it but it does the job and gives the trumpet a great sound and an extended range.

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