Battle Royale: Comparing the A Thousand Years - The Piano Guys to the Beat It - Michael Jackson

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 A Thousand Years - The Piano GuysContestant number one is the A Thousand Years - The Piano Guys.

 Beat It - Michael JacksonThe challenger is the Beat It - Michael Jackson.


A Thousand Years - The Piano Guys

Beat It - Michael Jackson


+ Fluidly changing dynamics.
+ Sustained and non-sustained notes.
+ Staccato v legato playing throughout.
+ Huge frequency range covered.
+ Only classical instruments used.

+ Sound effects.
+ Audible breath.
+ High vocal register.
+ Rocking solo.
+ Fast pace (130 + bpm).
+ Vocal layering.
+ Analog synths.


It is a beautiful arrangement, the musicians really explore the piece and it provides a very dynamic workout for your headphones.

It is one of Jacksons songs with a rockier vibe which should help you gauge the impact of your headphones definitively.

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