Battle Royale: Comparing the Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS7 to the Caline CP-05

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Let's get started by taking a close look at the Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS7.

Next up is the Caline CP-05.

Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS7 Caline CP-05
+ Decent range of versatile outputs.
+ Intentional input.
+ All cables included along with pedal board mounting bracket.

+ 7 x 100mA /1 high current 9v power output 1x 12v and 18v outputs.
+ Unbeatable value for money.
+ Bright led lights entire board up.

You can take this Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS7 power supply pack your pedal board a play worldwide without a problem. It demo's pretty well and most buyers seem generally satisfied overall, we guess probably only time will tell the truth as to it's longevity. If you aren't searching for real clarity over signals it will fit the bill for far less bills, if you catch our drift.

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