How do they stack up? The Apple 13.3” MacBook Air vs the Dell XPS Thin and Light

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 Apple 13.3” MacBook AirFirst, let's have a look at the Apple 13.3” MacBook Air.

 Dell XPS Thin and LightThe challenger is the Dell XPS Thin and Light.


Apple 13.3” MacBook Air

Dell XPS Thin and Light


+ Reasonable price as it's an older model.
+ Super thin.
+ Long battery life.
+ Turbo boost.

+ 16GB RAM.
+ Speedy processing.
+ Good I/O options.
+ Terabyte SSD storage.


Apple products are easy to navigate making audio production simple, some are expensive but this older model is an affordable choice.  It benefits from all the necessary factors to meet minimum requirements like the others but what sets it apart is its battery life, certainly one of its best attributes.

The response on this one is amazing it boots and resumes in an instant.  The terabyte of SSD storage is almost unprecedented and needless to say a highly desirable bonus, ensuring plenty of space for saving works in progress. 

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