Select and Compare: Panasonic Headphones RP-HT161 to the Betron YSM1000 Headphones

Today's product comparison has Music Critic comparing the Panasonic Headphones RP-HT161 to the Betron YSM1000 Headphones. The team take this task very seriously - two products enter, but only one can leave. If you enjoy this article, you can also check out the full version here.

 Panasonic Headphones RP-HT161Everyone has different preferences, and we hope our frank reviews will make your decision easier. First, we will take a look at the Panasonic Headphones RP-HT161.

 Betron YSM1000 HeadphonesThe second product we will be examining in this comparison is the Betron YSM1000 Headphones.


Panasonic Headphones RP-HT161

Betron YSM1000 Headphones


+ Basic traditional headphone set.
+ Large dual drivers.
+ Enhanced bass.
+ Durable design.
+ Extra long cord.

+ Durable design.
+ Larger bass drivers.
+ 4 tips to choose from.
+ Noise isolating mic.
+ Tangle free wires.


They are a classic traditional pair of wired headphones that provide a decent listening experience out-performing most at their price range.

We love the extensive range of tip choices and the strong metallic design. The audio is powerful and the bass is great.

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