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In today's comparison we invite you to see how the Mugig Clip-on Guitar Tuner stacks up against the So There Rechargeable Clip-on Tuner. Find out what separates these two items with the full comparison review below. This article is part of a series called The Best Clip On Guitar Tuner for Electric & Acoustic Guitar

 Mugig Clip-on Guitar TunerContestant number one is the Mugig Clip-on Guitar Tuner. This tool from Mugig is a one for all type of tuner that has five modes: guitar, bass, violin, and ukulele (click here for the review), and chromatic. It is great for all these musical tools and you can easily switch from one mode to another. The sound calibration is 430-450 Hz with a vibration sensor that is highly sensitive and ignores all unnecessary sounds from the surroundings. This compact item is extremely light and turns a full 360 degrees.

 So There Rechargeable Clip-on TunerNext up is the So There Rechargeable Clip-on Tuner. If you are looking for reviews on rechargeable tuners then this one is must read. It has an inexpensive rechargeable battery that is easy to charge with a USB cable which comes with this tuner. On a full charge, you get a full 5 hours of operation which is good enough for the whole day even for the busiest guitarists playing gigs every week. It has a dual 360-degree rotation so you can fix it at any angle you want.

Examining the Mugig Clip-on Guitar Tuner

It is a product that will stay with you everywhere you go and give you the perfect tuning you need for your acoustic or any other guitar. The top thing about this is that it uses power smartly thanks to its Auto power off function. If there is no playing for five minutes it switches off automatically. How cool is that? You will not have to worry about switching it off. It is definitely a tiny tuner with big ambitions and should be the perfect match for any guitarist. All these features guarantee great music experience.

A good look at the So There Rechargeable Clip-on Tuner

As for the tuning itself, it is quite accurate and fast at it. The maker guarantees that and reviews from customers confirm that. The display is very bright and legible so no matter where you are and what the lighting conditions are, your guitar will be tuned perfectly. Not only guitar you can use it with many other musical tools.


Mugig Clip-on Guitar Tuner

So There Rechargeable Clip-on Tuner


+ Works with five musical tools
+ Ignores background noise
+ 360-degree rotation
+ Auto switch off function

+ Dual 360 rotation
+ Rechargeable battery
+ great tuning for Korg, Boss, and almost any guitar brand.


 It is a high-quality product made from quality materials like the environmently-friendly ABS plastic. It uses a one coin battery efficiently and does the tuning job well for a variety of instruments. If you are looking for a complete tuning solution for your Korg, Boss or any other guitar, this is the product you need.

 This is definitely one of the most sought out tuners on account of its simple and useful features. The recharging makes your life easy and gives you ample play time. And it is easy to fix to the headstock of your guitar where it stays put firmly.

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