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Contestant number one is the Pioneer SP-FS52.

Now we will have look at an alternative, the Cerwin-Vega XLS-28.


Pioneer SP-FS52

Cerwin-Vega XLS-28


+ Triple woofer + tweeter combo.
+ Sophisticated crossover.
+ Curved cabinet design.

+ 3-way class.
+ High fidelity audio with great bass.
+ High performing drivers and cooling methods in place.
+ Advanced circuitry.


We are big fans of Pioneers accessible audio ranges, this floor-standing pair feature optimization that really raises the bar as far as we are concerned. They embody some of the best attributes of Pioneers high-end models and benefit from several decades of experience too.

They are a little more accessibly priced and provide a premium listening experience, the bass is impressive but not overbearing, the crossover is seamless all areas are covered giving a nice natural overall sound.

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