Select and Compare: BIC Acoustech PL-980L-PL-980R to the BIC America Acoustech Platinum Series PL-89

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 BIC Acoustech PL-980L-PL-980RThe first product we will be looking at is the BIC Acoustech PL-980L-PL-980R.

 BIC America Acoustech Platinum Series PL-89Next let's have a look at the BIC America Acoustech Platinum Series PL-89.


BIC Acoustech PL-980L-PL-980R

BIC America Acoustech Platinum Series PL-89


+ Horn floor speaker.
+ 3 way class.
+ Articulated mids.

+ Superb 2-way class set.
+ Great response.
+ Horn speaker.


This pair actually outperform plenty of options in their price range, competing with high end models that retail for more than double their cost. While they are rather an investment to begin with for some, they are well worth their value.

We love everything about this speaker. It's another great tower option from BIC America which provide prevalent bass. It's not as sublime as the more expensive set, but holds its a supreme position among the majority of 2-way class models on the market.

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