Side-by-side comparison of the  LED Crystal Ball Effect Light and the  VisualEffects BM5 Battery HD Mirror Ball

In today's comparison we invite you to see how the  LED Crystal Ball Effect Light stacks up against the  VisualEffects BM5 Battery HD Mirror Ball. Our tests and reviews can help point you towards models and brands that suit your needs. Click here if you would like to see more product reviews in the same category.

 LED Crystal Ball Effect LightThe first product we will be looking at is the  LED Crystal Ball Effect Light.

 VisualEffects BM5 Battery HD Mirror BallThe challenger is the  VisualEffects BM5 Battery HD Mirror Ball.


 LED Crystal Ball Effect Light

 VisualEffects BM5 Battery HD Mirror Ball


+ Comes with a rotating base
+ Super compact and easy to use
+ This LED disco ball comes with multiple color options

+ Accommodates disco balls of all sizes
+ Shines tons of lights on the ball
+ Easy to turn on and off


We like this disco ball because it’s compact, budget-friendly, and it can light up a big room.

We like this product because it has plenty of lights to brighten up a party.

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