How do they stack up? The Yamaha MG20 20-Input 6-Bus vs the Soundcraft EPM6 6-channel

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First, let's have a look at the Yamaha MG20 20-Input 6-Bus.

Next let's have a look at the Soundcraft EPM6 6-channel.


Yamaha MG20 20-Input 6-Bus

Soundcraft EPM6 6-channel


+ 20 inputs
+ Powerful effects processors
+ Compressor and gain knobs for each line
+ Great price-range

+ Compact case
+ Easy-to-navigate controls
+ Studio or live use
+ Excellent sound quality
+ Simple features


With all of the controls you need on one audio mixer, the MG20 from Yamaha is an excellent choice. It is super sturdy and capable, allowing you to record an entire band, and can handle hefty effects.

It is super easy t figure out and has a fair price tag. If you're a beginner looking for a mixer to get your recording or your live sound off the ground, then this is one of the best audio mixers you will find.

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