Battle Royale: Comparing the Mpow Flame to the Sony MDRZX110

In this comparison we put the Mpow Flame and Sony MDRZX110 head to head in a battle to find out which wins the specifications war. The Music Critic reviews can help point you towards models and brands that suit your needs. If you would like to see more product comparisons from the same category, click here.

 Mpow FlameEveryone has different preferences, and we hope our frank reviews will make your decision easier. First, we will take a look at the Mpow Flame.

 Sony MDRZX110The second product we will be examining in this comparison is the Sony MDRZX110.


Mpow Flame

Sony MDRZX110


+ CVC 6.0 built-in microphone
+ Quick and easy to charge
+ 7-8 hours of battery time
+ Ideal for sport and outdoor adventures

+ Tangle-free 1.2 meter cord
+ 30mm drivers for full frequency response
+ Three unique color options
+ Available with microphone


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The Bottom Line

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