Compare the Taylor 214ce 200 Series to the Taylor GS Mini

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 Taylor 214ce 200 SeriesFirst, let's have a look at the Taylor 214ce 200 Series.

 Taylor GS MiniAnd now we will have a look at our second product, the Taylor GS Mini. The Taylor GS Mini is a perfect example of TNT coming in small packages. This smaller guitar packs a serious punch which makes it the ultimate go to for any traveling musician, or someone looking to get better at playing the acoustic guitar.


Taylor 214ce 200 Series

Taylor GS Mini


+ Made with solid Sitka spruce for an incredible durable build and beautiful sound.
+ Batteries included to produce a much higher volume of audio output whenever you choose.
+ Rosewood overlay that helps create a unique and wonderful design that’s sure to be noticed.

+ Smaller size with a powerful voice, unlike many other acoustic guitars with a smaller body.
+ Finding a full mahogany acoustic guitar is like finding a gem!
+ A wider neck makes it easier to not slip up and hit the wrong chords.


We like the Taylor 214ce 200 Series because it gives the musician a step up from its predecessor with a solid wood build and a vibrant projection system.

The Taylor GS Mini focuses on nailing all of the exact specifications you’d hope to find in a smaller guitar. Made with mahogany, maintaining a powerful voice, and being the perfect size for travel, it’s a great addition to your guitar collection!

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