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 TimbreGear Vintage Woven StrapThe first product we will be looking at is the TimbreGear Vintage Woven Strap.

 StarHousing Guitar Strap with Suede LeatherNext let's have a look at the StarHousing Guitar Strap with Suede Leather.


TimbreGear Vintage Woven Strap

StarHousing Guitar Strap with Suede Leather


+ Striking vintage design.
+ Versatile headstock strap button attachment.
+ Great quality composition.

+ Good adjust-ability.
+ Gorgeous suede tips.
+ Beautifully made.


TimbreGear makes some genuinely stunning designs to choose between that add great character to compliment your instrument and define your look as an artist.

Whilst it isn't the most eye-catching on the market the suede is a lovely touch and the strong copper buckles are a welcome design feature if you want something that is going to last.

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