How do they stack up? The Kala Wanderer U-Bass vs the Fretless Electric Acoustic Ukulele Bass

In this brief comparison, we are going to be putting two products head to head. Find out what separates these two items with the full comparison review below. You might also be interested in our article 10 Best Bass Ukuleles in 2023

 Kala Wanderer U-BassEveryone has different preferences and priorities, so to make choosing easier we have attempted to give a frank review of the products. Let's start with the Kala Wanderer U-Bass.

 Fretless Electric Acoustic Ukulele BassThe second product we are looking at in this head-to-head review is the Fretless Electric Acoustic Ukulele Bass.


Kala Wanderer U-Bass

Fretless Electric Acoustic Ukulele Bass


+ Affordable price.
+ Piezo pickup.
+ Hollow bodied.

+ Friendly budget model.
+ Lightweight.
+ Fretless option.


It is a slight step down from the previously reviewed model, but serves up superb sound and harbors some high end tech.

Bass-ukuleles is a far less saturated market than most, it is nice to see competitors venturing out of the woodwork. This model plays suitably well and whilst it doesn't compare to the high end Kala which has won our hearts, it is more a more realistic solution for those keen to have a dabble without parting with too much cash.

The Bottom Line

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