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Album Review of My ______ Is Pink by Colourmusic.

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My ______ Is Pink


My ______ Is Pink by Colourmusic

Release Date: Apr 26, 2011
Record label: Memphis Industries
Genre(s): Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock

63 Music Critic Score
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My ______ Is Pink - Fairly Good, Based on 6 Critics

Consequence of Sound - 72
Based on rating B

If you’ve seen the batshit crazy music videos Colourmusic has put out lately, then you already know that the messy, perplexing vibes are actually great descriptions of the music itself, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Labeling the group’s latest effort, My ___ Is Pink, is a pointless effort as there are doses of garage-rock, pop, and even metal, or simply put: schizophrenia in album-form. Opening track “Beard” begins with church bells chiming to a space warble that belongs in the Twilight Zone before cymbal-heavy drumming crashes into the picture.

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Drowned In Sound - 70
Based on rating 7/10

What follows is an account of my first time listen to Colourmusic’s My _ Is Pink during my morning commute. Scroll down. Land on The Dead Weather, scroll back up past The Cure, The Cribs and land on Colourmusic. I stare at the album title as first track ‘Beard’ appears on the screen. I ….

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New Musical Express (NME) - 70
Based on rating 3.5/5

For anyone who hasn’t seen the video to [b]Colourmusic’s[/b] synapse-dissolving [b]‘Tog’[/b], then let us explain. It shows a sticky, unholy mess of fake – we hope – blood and cum being splattered over shocked-to-the-core fans of these [b]Flaming Lips’[/b]-more-fucked-up-younger-brothers who are also being subjected to some horrific imagery, just shy of the camera. It perfectly encapsulates this [b]Oklahoma/Yorkshire[/b] foursome’s weird aesthetic; their head-fuckable tunes warp and distort everything into a kaleidoscopic pulp.

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AllMusic - 60
Based on rating 6/10

Eddie Van Halen and Gene Ween have gone on record to say that their respective bands play music that is best described as “brown.” Likewise, Colourmusic's Ryan Hendrix and Nick Turner theoretically have a neurological condition called synesthesia, allowing their brains see to music as colors, and they take great pride in painting each of their albums differently. After constructing orange, red, and yellow outings, they tackle pink with My ______ Is Pink. Unless you have the same ability, you might have to take their word for whether it actually sounds pink, but the album certainly sounds glaring.

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PopMatters - 40
Based on rating 4/10

You probably already know what seems to be half the story behind the baffling title of Colourmusic’s latest release. Last year, in an attempt to freshen up its brand, social networking site, and music portal MySpace announced that it was changing its logo to simply My____. The idea, so the suits said, was to let MySpace users conjure up any image that could fit in the blank spot previously occupied by the word “space”.

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BBC Music
Their review was positive

There are few bands out there to truly touch Colourmusic’s engrossing racket. Mike Diver 2011 Much admired by similarly out-there sonic adventurers The Flaming Lips, Colourmusic are a puzzling proposition. Loosely indie, for the sake of categorisation here, they are as likely to shift from folk-inspired prettiness to gut-crunching riffs as they are saucy RnB motifs to psychedelic explosions.

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