Album Review of Ouliposaliva by Angil & The Hidden Tracks.

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Angil & The Hidden Tracks

Ouliposaliva by Angil & The Hidden Tracks

Release Date: Nov 24, 2008
Record label: Chemikal Underground
Genre(s): Rock, Experimental

80 Music Critic Score
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Ouliposaliva - Very Good, Based on 2 Critics

Drowned In Sound - 80
Based on rating 8/10

We’ve grown used to music being little more than files: small, compact, disposable. We rarely listen to physical records any more, let alone actually listen to a whole album start to finish. We are such busy people leading busy lives; music must be ever-evolving - reflecting feelings on a whim. Whether we’re at the gym, punching it out to ‘Eye of the tiger’ or in an airport listening to Eno's masterpiece Music for Airports - we can find music to match moods just as soon as our thumbs will let us.

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Delusions of Adequacy
Their review was very positive

Did I really just misspell that band’s title? No, I couldn’t have. Well, wait, maybe? Nope, that’s the way it is supposed to be. The idea seemed simple enough, make an album that featured Angil Mottet’s brutally honest rapping/sing-song delivery and base it all around the sounds and uses of brass and woodwind instruments. Sounds cool enough right? Then one of the players jokingly said to leave out all the Es as they are often a pain to tune and more importantly, awkward for saxophonists.

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