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ACCA by Ala.Ni

Release Date: Jan 31, 2020
Record label: N/A
Genre(s): Jazz, Vocal, Pop/Rock, Vocal Jazz

80 Music Critic Score
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ACCA - Very Good, Based on 2 Critics

The Line of Best Fit - 80
Based on rating 8/10

The human voice is often described as an instrument. ALA.NI takes this notion and crams fireworks down its throat as she delivers an album completely created a cappella: mimicking each bowed string and blown reed with her voice box alone. The accuracy with which these sounds are reproduced is incredible. ALA.NI is either a witch, goddess, or very talented singer and arranger - our guess is that she's a little pinch of each.

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Clash Music
Their review was generally favourable

When 'You & I', the debut album from London-born singer, dropped at the beginning of 2016, it sounded like it had fallen through a wormhole from another age. At a time when the airwaves were so dominated by the squeaky modern club-pop of Sia and Ed Sheeran that even Adele's piano-led soul sounded positively ancient, here was something that cast its net way back, beyond the '80s, '70s or '60s revivals, to capture a sound so long departed that it sounded strangely fresh. Packed with soothing songs about doomed romance, the record was largely dismissed as music to cheat on your spouse to.

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