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Music Sounds Better With You by Acid House Kings

Acid House Kings

Music Sounds Better With You

Release Date: Mar 22, 2011

Genre(s): Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Pop, Chamber Pop, Swedish Pop/Rock

Record label: Labrador


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Album Review: Music Sounds Better With You by Acid House Kings

Great, Based on 4 Critics

AllMusic - 90
Based on rating 9/10

It’s hard to believe six years elapsed between Acid House Kings albums. From listening to their catalog of easygoing, effortlessly hooky songs, you get the impression that the group could roll out of bed and write ten bittersweet singalong tunes before breakfast. While that may indeed be the case, the trio took extra care on Music Sounds Better with You to whittle down their stockpile of songs until they were left with what they felt were the ten best, then polished them in the studio until they shone like diamonds.

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Pitchfork - 78
Based on rating 7.8/10

After a bit of time away, Swedish indie-pop aesthetes the Radio Dept. returned last year with their third proper album, the excellent Clinging to a Scheme. It was a profile-raising breakthrough release for both the band and the Labrador label. But the band didn't exactly sound joyful about the whole situation: The record sounded reluctant and distantly depressed, and various interviews revealed their own distaste for the Internet and self-publicity in general.

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PopMatters - 70
Based on rating 7/10

What does a band do after it has made its definitive statement? That’s the question the Swedish “twee-pop” band Acid House Kings has been grappling with since 2005. That year, they released the quintessential Acid House Kings album, Sing Along With Acid House Kings, which included the quintessential Acid House Kings song, “Do What You Wanna Do”. From their beginnings in the early 1990s, the band identified their marks as the Smiths, Felt, and the British C86 sound.

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No Ripcord - 60
Based on rating 6/10

Throughout their entire career, Acid House Kings have remained impervious to any form of harsh criticism. Perhaps the affable Swedes transport their listeners to a place that’s safe and warm, protected from all the displeasures life has to offer. There’s something to be said about artists who can express a mixture of resentful thoughts in the sprightliest ways.

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