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My World

Release Date: 06.05.08
Record label: Self-Released
Genre(s): Rock


Middle-of-the-Road Acoustic Popper Does His Best Jeff Buckley
by: Tim Wardyn

Singer/songwriter Tim Kay was playing small gigs around London, just like hundreds of other artists, until he started waiting tables at a restaurant owned by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Oliver liked his music and selected his music for a television series called “Jamie at Home.” Now Kay is ready to take on the world with his first EP. The three song set, “My World,” is fairly basic acoustic/pop, but if you are into the acoustic singer/songwriter genre, then this is right up your alley.


“My World” is Kay’s first single and it’s a fun poppy tune similar to early Jason Mraz. The chorus is a perfect summer anthem. “Take the time to make yourself feel good/ You do whatever you want/ ‘Cause you can now/ In my world.”


“Skin From My Knees” is almost a direct Jeff Buckley rip-off complete with the toggling between his regular singing voice and his falsetto. The acoustic track isn’t bad, but nobody can appropriately imitate Buckley or his seven-octave range, but Kay does his best. If you’ve never heard Jeff Buckley then this song is really good. If you have, then this is just average.


Overall, “My World” is a good start for someone trying to break into a genre that is already flooded with guitars and heart-on-sleeve songs. Tim Kay just makes it a little more fun than most.