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What is This Feeling

Release Date: 06.18.06
Record label: P & C Indio Records
Genre(s): Rock


Good album teaser
by: Tim Wardyn

The Sessions are like a carbon-copy of Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals; their more upbeat stuff anyway. On the two-song EP "What is This Feeling" this quintet channels Harper, The Stone Roses and Primal Scream. The title track is an instant radio staple forcing you to bob your head before you even realize it. The second track, "So Wanna Go" has a bass line that is so infectious it makes me want to learn to play the bass. The Sessions are a fantastically catchy pop-rock group…at least based on these two songs. I can only imagine how good their full-length album is. If you are into catchy, smart, radio-friendly pop music (that isn’t annoying) then check out The Sessions. You’ll be glad you did.