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International Love Affair

Release Date: 09.22.08
Record label: Double Six Records
Genre(s): Rock


When the Bonus Download is Better Than the Single, You Know You Have Issues
by: Tim Wardyn

The Laurel Collective is a little like Interpol, a little like Zebrahead? On this CD single, they are promoting their "mini-album" <i>Feel Good Hits of a Nuclear Winter</i> by releasing the single "International Love Affair," a track that sounds like something off of Interpol’s <i>Turn Off the Bright Lights</i> album, except for the plucky keyboard. It’s neither good nor bad, just there. The highlight is the free download that comes with the single, a cover of Micachu’s "Golden Phone." It is a quick rhythm (drum ‘n bass) heavy song that ends like something off of a Zebrahead album. They kick into a bass heavy rap that would make anyone put their hands up and start bouncing. It’s like they brought in Dizzee Rascal to cameo. It’s the highlight of the disc.


The Laurel Collective as a whole isn’t good or bad, they are just there. This CD single doesn’t make me want to go out and buy the "mini-album" as they call it. The download does make me want to check out Micachu however. I don’t think that’s what The Laurel Collective had in mind though.