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Release Date: 07.09.07
Record label: Tall Tale Records
Genre(s): Rock


Diversity rules!
by: Tim Wardyn

T D Lind’s 3-song EP, "Her" is not your typical singer-songwriter fare. It’s exceptionally diverse and a great teaser to his full-length album "Let’s Get Lost."


The title track is a peppy upbeat quirky musical ode to the 70’s Brit rock complete with keyboard and the trailing "La la la." The following track, "I’m Not Worried" is a quiet acoustic gem that sounds similar to what Lauryn Hill played on her "Unplugged 2.0" concert.


"Disco Boat" is a strange, but very well done backwoods cut that takes a while to understand, but once it gets into you, it doesn’t let go. It’s like sitting on a porch in the south with all of your bluegrass friends, just jamming away.


"Her" is a solid and diverse EP that showcases his range and how good he is as an artist. Lind is going to be around for a while.