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Release Date: October 27, 2003
Record label: Universal Island Records
Genre(s): Rock


Sugababes - Three
by: James Heng

British pop is a different kind of pop, it's usually quite smart. Sugababes are at the the fore-front of it. Three while being released a while ago, it will make a great edition to any CD collection.

Album-opener Hole In The Head, is about as nasty as they come for a pop band before not being banned of the radio station. The harshness on Whatever Makes You Happy or the soulfulness of Caught In A Moment that takes you to another place.

Not many downfalls on this album, if any they are still good, Twisted is an example. While the worst, it is still quite playful and is a girls ode to a night out.

The album however plays more on the moodier side with much more ballads. Conversation's Over takes the charm of All Saint's "Pure Shores" and is made equally impressive. Too Lost In You written by Diane Warren showcases the girls voices and truly ends on a high in diva fashion.

Maya is another outstanding track, that is haunting and yet so simple. Mutya (one of the group members) sings in her husky voice about the loss of her sister. A perfect way to want to make you listen more.

If you live in the UK, you won't have much troble finding it with two extra tracks. If you live elsewhere good luck, but you'll be astounded at the brilliance of the album. Even if these babes look like another manufactured pop-act.