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Will Smith

Big Willie Style

Release Date: 11.25.97
Record label: sony
Genre(s): Rock


All Up In It, Gettin' Jiggy Wit It
by: tom reiter

I'm glad to see Mr. Will Smith, the former Fresh Prince, back in the rap game, and on Big Willie Style, he proves he still has it.  Most of you have already heard his hits of the album, especially with radio play Will gets.  But there's still some worthwhile songs other than "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It," "Just The Two Of Us," and "Men In Black," which have been tearin' up dance floors and makin' daddies' hearts melt for a while now.  One of these is the laidback track, "Chasing Forever."   This is a romantic song about being able to spend forever with his wife.  The back up vocals sung by Kenny Greene and Trey Lorenz add the perfect feel.

The next song, "Don't Say Nothin'," is a story of his rap career, from how he started to now.  Basically it's sayin' most people can't stack up to him, hence the refrain "ya'll don't say nothin, I won't."  Musically it's a really good track too.  DJ Jazzy Jeff provides the scratching in the background.  "I Loved You" has a little harder feel to it, especially compared to what you hear on the radio.  This is because it's about a girl leavin' da man lonely.  You can tell Will is enjoying life and having fun now on the track "It's All Good."  Hell, he should be, bein' a rap star and a movie star should make ya feel like that.  After "Just The Two Of Us," the album finishes up with "Big Willie Style," which features Left Eye (of TLC), and then "Men In Black."

So, there are a few other good tracks on Will's return album.  The man is still talented, as he proves . But without his dance floor hits, the rest album isn't quite strong enough, so I can only give it three turntables and a mic out of five.