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Release Date: 08.05.08
Record label: RG Music
Genre(s): Rock


Tori Amos is being replaced by someone better.
by: Tim Wardyn

Rosabella Gregory has earned a place in my heart because her songs are as beautiful as she is. Her latest single “Water” is no exception. The simple harmonies, the passionate yet reserved vocals perfectly meld to make a composition that Norah Jones would die for. She sounds like a refreshed and rejuvenated Tori Amos on this track and on the bonus song “What Angel.” Gregory builds up the verses only to take everything out and lay bare the beginning of the chorus with just her softly sensual voice and fluid piano which then builds to a bigger chorus that forces you to listen. Rosabella Gregory knows how to write a song that keeps the not only keeps the listener engaged, but keeps them begging for more. Yes, I’m begging for more.