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Release Date: 05.05.08
Record label: Self-Released
Genre(s): Rock


Not quite Tori Amos, better than Chris Martin
by: Tim Wardyn

Since Tori Amos left the spotlight several years ago, the piano-driven soft subtle female sub-genre has been vacant…until now. Rosabella Gregory’s EP Uncovered is perfect for those yearning for a Tori Amos comeback.


The opening 'Still' features flowing piano strokes that overshadow Gregory's fragile voice, introducing the world to the elegance that is Rosabella Gregory's music. Her classical roots come to the forefront on 'India/China' where her fingers dance on the ivories as gracefully as a ballerina, while on 'Love the Man' she adds a touch of jazz to her repertoire.


Throughout the six-song set, Gregory shows an amazing command on her voice, although it does occasionally stray toward a nasally Nelly Furtado and a warbally Conor Oberst.


Three of the tracks she wrote with her twin sister Dina with whom she’s been collaborating with since they were young. In 1994, they won a Yamaha Rock and Pop Award, beating out a then Coldplay-less Chris Martin.


Uncovered is a great introduction to an extraordinarily talented musician. Gregory is perfect for anyone looking for something to kick back and chill to, or anyone who is waiting for Tori Amos to come back.