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Release Date: 08.05.08
Record label: Lemon Soda Music
Genre(s): Rock


When will it end?!
by: Tim Wardyn

Why do record companies and artists try to resurrect the cheesy-pop era of music?! Backstreet Boys, *NSync, 98 Degrees, Fresh Step (The name still cracks me up), Britney, and the hundreds of others from the late 90’s are the musical equivalent of a candy shop. They might initially look good, but after about 10 minutes (or half a pound of Skittles) it tastes or sounds horrible. First it was Lea Marie and now comes My Girls. A trio of high school aged girls who are trying to get funky on the three-song EP “Shame.”


“Move On Over” takes a sample from the Average White Band and absolutely butchers it while these girls try to prove how much soul they have by singing about something. I don’t know what because I wasn’t paying attention. I wasn’t paying attention because I was pissed that they could rip apart such a great song and put a terrible one on top of it.


“Showdown” is a blatant rip-off of “Independent Women Pt.1” by Destiny’s Child. The beat is identical and the song still blows. I’d tell you what I think of the title track, but the moment it’s over, I forget what it sounds like and I’d like to keep it that way. They also feature rappers Tha Vill and T Gramz to try to make the songs more hard core. I don’t think using no-name rappers will help boost your career, God willing.


“Shame” is just that. My Girls may be perfectly nice and reasonably attractive girls, but this music is nauseating at best. Please, for the sake of all that is musically good, try something different, either musically or otherwise. The world will be a better place for it.