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Drawing Clocks

Release Date: 10.30.06
Record label: Zenith Cafe
Genre(s): Rock


Move aside John Mayer...There is a new king
by: Tim Wardyn

Guitar-pickin’ singer-songwriters are as easy to find as a Paris Hilton sex tape. But just like the tapes, the quality is not always that great. They’re grainy and have that weird glowing eye thing going on, but I digress. Like any genre, it takes a lot to find artists who actually matter. Lee Rogers is one of those artists. His debut album "Drawing Clocks" is chock full of smooth contemplative blues/folk that paints 14 beautiful pictures, each systematically becoming engrained in your head.


"Ida" is an absolutely brilliant acoustic lament of a former flame and the heartbreak of leaving town and knowing that he’ll never see her again: "There’s a train coming Ida/ I’d like to be on/ Maybe you could meet me out in Boston/ Or maybe you won’t/ Maybe you won’t go." The reality of the lyrics coupled with the honesty of Rogers voice makes this one of the best tracks of the year, hands down.


"Easier" is another heart-on-sleeve tracks that is a little more upbeat, but has a strong rootsy-folk sound with a chorus that everybody can relate to: "I love you sometimes/ And I need you sometimes/ Something’s changed and I don’t know where/ It’s just easier when you’re not there."


Every track on this album is a gem from the steady "Love, Love, Love" to the melancholy title track, Rogers’ honest delivery and real lyrics combined with guitar mastery make "Drawing Clocks" an absolute must have especially for those who enjoy creative lyrics and gorgeous music.