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You Took Me In

Release Date: 11.01.07
Record label: Self-Released
Genre(s): Rock


She is Everything to Everyone
by: Tim Wardyn

Talk about a chameleon! Kerry Poltizer can do it all. On her first pop album, “You Took Me In” Politzer takes on almost every musical genre and hits every one, perfectly showcasing the immense talent that she possesses.


“Always” is a light-hearted ska number which instantly showcases Politzer’s musical versatility. “I Hope You Find Me” sounds like a beautiful melding of Joni Mitchell’s voice and Norah Jones’s straight-to-the-core piano playing.


“Love is the Atmosphere” is a sultry jazz number that shows her fluid piano skills while managing to sound like it would be at home on a Jill Scott record.


Politzer’s skills don’t stop there. She takes on rock music on “I Cried Wolf” with fantastic results and then she completely tones it down on the quietly simple “Joseph.”


Kerry Politzer been playing jazz piano for years and has released several instrumental jazz albums, but this is her first foray into the pop world and she has nailed it. “You Took Me In” is a wonderful jazz-pop record and a great introduction to Politzer’s talent and possibilities.